Criminal-DefensesmCriminal Defense – Adam is an aspiring criminal defense lawyer practicing primarily in Lincoln County, Oregon with a reputation for getting results. In each and every case, Adam and his staff work as a team to fight the prosecution using three primary methods- attack, negotiation, and mitigation.

Attack – The first step in any case is to attack the government’s case by challenging the prosecutor’s ability to prove his/her case. We aggressively investigate the credibility of the government’s evidence while also developing our own evidence to use at trial. We file motions to assert our client’s statutory and constitutional rights by limiting the evidence the prosecution can use at trial.

Negotiation – Second, we negotiate both before and after charges are filed, using facts gleaned through investigation and diplomacy to convince the State or alleged victims to abandon the prosecution or to obtain favorable plea negotiations. Juries are generally unpredictable; all a lawyer can do is tell you his/her opinion of your chances of success at trial. Sometimes the risks of going to trial are outweighed by the certainty of a favorable offer.

Mitigation – Last, we develop a mitigation plan in case of a guilty verdict or plea. We develop and present evidence that show our client does not need to be punished with jail or prison to prevent him or her from offending again, even when they have a criminal record. This is often done by addressing the underlying problems that are the true cause of the alleged criminal behavior; problems such as use of drugs, gambling, or other mental health issues, and assuring the court that incarceration is not necessary to get our client to solve his/her underlying problems.

Adam helps clients who have been charged with:

  • DUII
  • Possession, Manufacture, and Distribution of Controlled Substances
  • Assault, Harassment, other Violent Crimes
  • Theft, Robbery, and Burglary
  • Offenses against the State (Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Contempt, Obstruction of Justice, etc.)
  • Probation Violations

Adam is a proud member of the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.